Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts

Do you dread your end of year coming round? Each year do you give your accountant a box of receipts only for months later a set of accounts to land on your doorstep with no explanations and a large bill too boot?

Annual accounts are a necessary evil to ensure you meet the hot bed of tax and company legislation and our promise is to make this as easy and stress free for you as we can.

It does not matter if your records are in carrier bags, files or on a computerised system we will turn your records into a polished set off accounts required by HMRC and Companies House and take this onerous burden off your hands.

We pride ourselves on

  • Preparing and filing sets of accounts for sole traders, partnerships, limited companies in a format recognised by HMRC and Companies House.
  • Taking the time to explain these accounts to you in person ensuring you understand what they contain.
  • Discuss with you items/areas that require further discussion to ensure nothing is missed or not claimed on your behalf.
  • Make suggestions on how to increase sales, reduce overheads, and ultimately get more money in your pocket.
  • Suggest ways to improve your record keeping to meet HMRC ever moving goal posts in terms of proper books and records.